Today it seems like everything in the business landscape is driven by technology. Google’s advertising platform, launched over twenty years ago, has the ability to make your business soar or plummet. The internet is replete with myths about Google Ads. As a result, many entrepreneurs don’t capitalize on the potential of their own brand, unnecessarily spend too much money, or even forego the use of Google Ads altogether. If any of these scenarios could or do apply to your business, keep reading to debunk several common myths about Google Ads and see how RefractROI can put Google Ads to work effectively and efficiently to launch your business to the next level.

Myth 1 – Google Ads Don’t Work

There is a common misconception that Google Ads don’t work. The thought is people don’t take the time to click on them or simply don’t click on ads because they are ads. On the contrary, in 2019 alone, Google’s ad revenue amounted to almost $134.81 billion USD. If you have had limited or no success with using Google Ads for your business, it is likely because your account, campaigns, ad groups, and ads aren’t properly optimized. Google Ads is all about finding the proper keywords, writing compelling ad copy, reaching the correct audience, and setting up tracking to see if the ads are meeting your goals. Oh, and since 2014, Google has made significant changes to what the ads actually look like. They’ve made the ads look much more like organic search results, increasing the likelihood that users will click. 

Myth 2 – Google Ads Affects SEO of Your Website

Some business owners think that if they already utilize search engine optimization they don’t necessarily need to use Google Ads. Again, this is a myth. Both Google Ads and SEO are complementary services that are part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. SEO works to increase the organic traffic on a site by enhanced visibility and site authority. PPC or pay-per-click advertising, on the other hand, generates traffic through targeted advertisements. Yes, these sound like separate and distinct actions. However, they can work together to achieve success for your business by driving qualified traffic to your website. By maximizing SERP coverage, your business can elevate brand awareness, which in turn results in more customers and more leads.

Myth 3 – Google Ads Are Too Expensive

Another coming misconception about Google Ads is that it is too expensive, especially for the small business owner. However, you will only pay for the number of clicks your ad generates. The goal is to design campaigns to get clicks from potential consumers for the product or service that you are promoting. There is no minimum spend, so you are able to determine your own budget. Each click through Google Ads can cost anywhere from a few cents to tens of dollars. The amount is dependent on the keywords you are bidding for in a specific ad group. In other words, you can spend as much or as little as you like. The goal? To get a return on your investment. Google Ads can be a great resource for local and small businesses with limited advertising budgets.

Myth 4 – Google Ads Are a “Set it And Forget” Tactic

When you set a Google Ad campaign and start to receive clicks, you may take the approach that it isn’t necessary to reevaluate the effectiveness of the campaign. However, it is of utmost importance to continually test and monitor ads, ad groups and campaigns. This is done for several reasons:

  • To improve your campaign’s effectiveness
  • To stay ahead of the competition
  • To adjust to changes and new features within the Google Ads platform
  • To test new ad copy
  • To monitor your monthly budget

Don’t let Google Ads continually drain money from your advertising budget without constantly monitoring and adjusting your campaigns to maximize your return.

Myth 5 – I Can Effectively Manage Google Ads on My Own

Managing a Google Ads campaign on your own is not the easiest task. This is intentional on Google’s behalf! While it is certainly possible to manage your own Google Ads account, working with a PPC specialist allows you to maximize your ROI while focusing your efforts on actually running your business. There are several reasons to hire an experienced and professional agency to run a Google Ads campaign like being able to maximize profits, avoid common mistakes, save time, utilize the experience of a professional and take full advantage of account and analytics tools.

What we have highlighted are only a few of the most common myths about Google Ads. As long as the online platform continues to exist and transform with new technology, there will likely be myths and misinformation about how it works. When you engage RefractROI to manage and optimize your Google Ads, you can be confident that your advertising ROI is our top priority. We are the leading digital marketing agency in Denver and you can contact us at 303-501-1821 for more information on how we can help you today.