In online business, both marketing and sales have important roles throughout the customer lifecycle. Described as a buyer funnel, each portion of the funnel (top, middle, and bottom) is either the responsibility of sales, the responsibility of marketing, or the shared responsibility of both teams.

The middle of the funnel, where marketing and sales or qualified leads take place, are shared responsibilities of both sales and marketing. In order to funnel a prospect from a website visitor to a customer, it is of utmost importance to connect marketing and sales teams. When these teams are not connected, there are missed opportunities and ultimately customers are lost. RefractROI has learned a few tips that can help your sales and marketing teams work together effectively and efficiently.

Tip 1: Position Marketing as a Content Creation Engine and Sales as a Learning and Distribution Engine.

Online content is important but it can be difficult to brainstorm topics that are important to your target audience and get the content out to the target audience in an efficacious manner. When content does not work as intended, it is important for your marketing and sales teams to work together. How? Sales reps have daily contact with the target audience. They are privy to questions the target audience has about the product or services your business provides. If your sales reps can communicate these questions to your marketing team, the marketing team can generate answers to the questions on your website.

The answers to these questions are converted into assets that can be used to drive qualified traffic to your website. Using this newfound knowledge, you can create different content for different parts of the funnel, driving the buyer from visitor to customer.

Tip 2: Stop Chasing Different Metrics for ROI — Unite Around a Common Goal

Sales and marketing teams are often focused on KPIs. All too often, the KPIs for marketing are different from the KPIs for sales. In other words, two teams that should be working together are pursuing different goals. Instead of setting different goals for each team, take stock of what metrics best align with your business and bring in the most revenue. Pick one or two of these metrics for both your sales and marketing teams to work together to improve. Essentially a method of forced collaboration, it allows unification across the board and often results in greater ROI.

Tip 3: Invest in Your Website’s User Experience

By improving your website’s user experience, you can position your website to generate additional online leads. Start by optimizing your website’s landing pages. A great landing page will lead a prospect down the sales funnel and ultimately increase sales. A bad landing page can drive away potential customers. If you choose to use a call to action on your website, make sure that the call to action is clear and pronounced.

Next, focus on natural site navigation. If a member of a target audience doesn’t understand your website or has difficulty navigating your website, they aren’t likely to make a purchase.Utilize progressive web apps like push notifications or SMS updates to constantly remind potential customers about your business. Think about using automated ordering by using cache data for repeat customers. Make sure your website has the speed to handle the amount of traffic your website generates. Finally, leverage user-generated content like a photo gallery of photos voluntarily submitted by customers as part of a customer review to help customers visualize your product. An astonishing 63% of consumers say that they are more likely to buy a product from a website that includes consumer reviews. Remember the experience your target audience has on your website can negatively impact their potential purchase.

Need Help Developing a Strategy That Connects Your Marketing and Sales?

Don’t allow a decrease in online leads to negatively impact your business revenue. Try some of these tips for connecting different parts of your team, like sales and marketing, to see if they lead to improved site traffic and additional revenue for your business by converting potential buyers to customers. For help implementing any of these ideas, or to talk through how these ideas could work for your company, call RefractROI at 303-945-3715.