Search engine optimization, commonly referred to as SEO, is a rather complicated procedure that helps to make sure that your website is working as hard as it can. Simply put, SEO helps your website gain organic traffic. SEO works to improve a website’s ranking in search engine results by identifying keywords and phrases that are utilized by your target audience when they are looking for products or services like the ones that your business offers. Once those likely keywords are known, you are better able to optimize the use of those words on your website and improve your ranking. According to Forbes, 63% of marketers believe that SEO will be more important as the country continues to grapple with Covid-19. Time is of the essence when getting into SEO. At RefractROI, we have worked with dozens of businesses to improve revenue through online marketing and we are ready to take your business to the next level by making SEO work for you.

Why SEO Is Important

Many people that are new to business do not quite grasp the benefit of SEO. They think that it is too complicated, too expensive or too time-consuming to implement. This common misconception leaves many businesses automatically behind in the marketing game. Small business owners especially fall victim to this mistake, failing to recognize how invaluable SEO can be to growing your business. Most small businesses focus primarily on customer referrals. Today, most consumers go straight to the internet to research future purchases or get recommendations on a particular service.

When a business utilizes SEO, they are drawing customers to their website without doing any real “on the ground” work. People enter a search on the internet. If your business ranks high enough in a search, it will get more exposure to potential clients. Rather than sitting back and waiting on our customers to spread the good news about your business, take the time to learn how to use SEO to increase your brand awareness and engage customers.

Why You Should Start SEO Now vs. Later

1. Higher Rankings = More Authority, Exposure, and Leads

This reason seems obvious. When your website is ranked on the first page of a Google search, more potential customers are likely to click and buy your product or engage your service. If you don’t take advantage of SEO, your competitor likely will. Additionally, an optimized website earns more traffic than a website that doesn’t use SEO. An organic traffic report from a Seige Media case study showed that over the court of one year, a brand site’s traffic increased from zero to 100,000 visitors, on SEO alone. The use of SEO pushes your website higher in the rankings on search engines, leading to greater authority, more exposure and leads that have greater potential for engagement.

2. SEO Takes Time To See Results

Miracles don’t happen overnight. It takes time to build a brand and a business reputation organically. It also takes time to determine how to properly optimize your website by using the right combination of keywords to maximize your website’s ranking and, in turn, increase website traffic. Starting sooner rather than later will help this process. Google’s algorithm trusts established websites more than newer (or unoptimized) ones so it is to your benefit to start SEO to get in front of potential customers.

3. SEO Doesn’t Require You To Pay for Ad Space or Lead

Probably one of the most attractive selling points of SEO is not a selling point at all because SEO is free. Free in the sense that it doesn’t involve paying for ad space. This is one of the reasons that utilizing SEO is crucial for any business owner, but especially the small business owner. Why not take advantage of something free?

Done Right, SEO Improves Your Entire Website

SEO can make sure that your business is reaching its target audience. Nearly 62% of consumers use search engines as the primary method of discovering information about products and services. From an outsider, it may look like SEO only serves to improve website ranking. However, the purpose of improved website ranking is more traffic on the website and the ability to convert website traffic into customers and leads. Showing up at the top of an internet search serves to increase the credibility of your business. Studies show that the first result of an internet search gets on average 20.5% of the clicks from a search.

After reading this, you have probably realized that it is definitely to your business’s benefit to invest in SEO now vs. later. SEO will not only improve your sales and leads, it will help to improve the experience that your target audience has with your entire brand. Contact RefractROI at 303-945-3715 to take your website’s SEO to the next level.